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I am wrapping up the news section here. It is so much easier for me to create updates on the blog, so starting from now on...all updates will be there.

10.24.10 I have been working with a very talented cartoonist, Joie Simmons, as the colorist for his comic, " Stupendo Dog ".

I was at the site, Digital Webbing, looking for work, and saw his post. He was looking for someone to color his strip, " The Aliens ".

The strip was about a trio of aliens on Earth, and the various day to day situations that would develop.

Check out " The Aliens"

He liked my work on the strips, and asked if I would like to color his comic stories dealing with Stupendo Dog. Of course I said yes. I like the chunky inks, and it is a lot of fun thinking about how to color the panels to enhance the story, not to compete with the artwork. I love this bad guy, The TOAST! Read the first adventure here!

06.24.10 Very busy at Fooksie, which is just the way I like it. After wrapping up my contracted position at the Network,I am currently working on three projects. First, I am putting the finishing touches on the storysketches for the Balding Bob motion comic. The one I am working on now, the third episode, has really been fun to draw. I will post the finished comic when it is done. In the meantime, here is an action photo of me creating Episode #2, " Bio-Fusion Confusion ".

I am also creating some new imagery for USATestprep. Avatars, welcome screens, etc. Here is a screenshot of one of their favorite characters I created for them, the Evil Chicken.

Last but not least, I am once again working with Curtis 1000, creating animated e-cards in Flash. So all in all, a very busy summer.

05.21.10 Today, in The News Leader newspaper, was an article about the local schools using the USA Testprep games to teach their students.

Why is that a big deal, you may ask? Well, the reason I even bring it up is that I have been working with this company, developing Flash animations and graphics for their educational games.

Here is the link to the article :

A screen shot fron the Naughty Chicken game.

This is the Title card from the first game I worked on with USATestprep... SUPERGRADUATIONKOMBATSMACKDOWN!

This game had everything...evil chickens, a mean princess, a battling robot, a ninja and a pirate, and a ZOMBIE!!!!

I really like working with these people. They give me a general idea, of course it has to include the educational stuff, and then they turn me loose. I love clients like that!


For those of you who liked my short, " Loser Pays, Winner Stays ", I have created a t-shirt that's available from Cafe Press

Front and back in glorious color.

Here's the link:

09.06.09 What a great day!

I started the day by loading up the tables with more of my Fooksie Magnets.

I made these up special to pass out as free souvenirs for Dragon*Con. As I was dropping off another batch,

I saw that the Chick Publications people were also doing the same thing.

I collect them, so I was glad to see that these were some that I didn't have.

Today was the day that my short, " Loser Pays, Winner Stays ", was shown. It was in a block of movies, some animated and some live action. Did you get that? Movies. As in these other films had budgets, and producers, Jim Belushi and Tim Curry as voice talent. I read the descriptions of the other films before the screening started, and my heart was in my shoes. Here's a picture of the screening room as it started to fill. By the time the lights went off, there were very few seats that were empty.

You know that dream you have, where you are supposed to be taking a very important test. A test that will fulfill your life's dream if you pass it,but if you fail you are doomed to walk the Earth as a failure? And in that dream you are naked, without a pencil, and you're in the wrong building. That's right...I mean that dream.

That's how I felt.

Here was the line-up. First off, "Snowyville", More of an introduction to characters than a movie. Voiced by Jim Belushi and Tim Curry, it was a 3-D short that looked pretty nice. Musical score, production crew, a real movie. The short got some chuckles, but that only made me worry more.

My short was next. A little background on me. I work out of my house, in my studio in my basement. I use Flash, because it allows me the freedom to do everything I want to do, without needing help. I buy my sound effects off the internet, and am really a one man show.

My short starts, and I can actually feel my hair on my head. I mean it feels like each strand is standing up. Then the first gag happens and the audience laughs. Not a little chuckle, but actual laughs. The next gag, and the laughter gets louder. Then the third gag, and finally the big pay-off, and the audience loved it! The guys next to me, who were just at Sundance, leaned over and told me that they thought my short was great.

The next film was " Bridge" , which was a really funny, kinda creepy movie, which was shot at the Silver Comet Trail.

Next was " The Peasant and the Root ", which was done by the Sheridan School.

The last movie was " The Search For Gollum ",. A really cool short based in the Lord of the Rings world.

After the movie, there was a Questions and Answers segment. The audience asked questions about how we worked, what our budgets were, etc. I got big laughs when I told them that I felt like a moron standing on the stage with two other guys that made real movies, with actual budgets, and a crew, and that my short took a week to do and it cost me $100 to make,( DVD program, sound effects,Flash to video program, and DVDs).

Here's the panel, the man on the left did " Bridge ", the man in the middle represented " The Search for Gollum ", and I am at the end.

I had to go through. How many times do you see a Stargate?

I had some time to kill, so I went to a panel discussing the genre of Steampunk,( kind of a retro-Victorian science fiction). Great panel, with some fantastic costumes.

Here are some Steampunk Doo-Dads.

Here is another great Steampunk character.

Some views from the floor.

I wound up meeting up with my friends, Steve and Liz, at a panel featuring two of the puppeteers from Mystery Science Theater 3000. These two gentlemen, Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett,both operated Crow T Robot.

At the end of the panel, they had a contest to give out signed DVDs. I had to guess a number between 1 and 484, or something like that. I was up at the stage so I yelled out " 81 ". They said correct and gave me the DVDs! Me with my swag! Hooray!

Back to Steve and Liz. They are heavy into the Ghostbusters, and created these great costumes. Check out that Class 3 Free Roaming Vapor on Liz's arm!

( Yes...Liz made the puppet...)

Their friend, Darryl, created this incredible silicone mask of the Emperor from Star Wars. The mask was all squishy and just out-right amazing!

In closing, I leave you with this parting character. It reminded me of the scene in " The Shining" when all hell is breaking loose, and Shelly DuVall is running through the Overlook. She runs past a room and stops. Inside the room is a man laying on a bed, with a person wearing a wolf costume between his legs. Both characters turn and look at Shelly, and that scene just creeps me out. This was just as bad, as this little Snuggles was also passing out smelly dryer sheets.

09.05.09 The second day of DRAGON*CON was great. First off, I went to the Marriott to pick up the second print I had ordered of the Nimoy-Shatner photo. It still wasn't out, so I asked the people who were in charge of the photos what I should do. They said that I should check back at noon, and if the picture wasn't there, they would print another one for me.

I went back at noon, and still no photo. I went into the back where they were printing all of the pictures. Here are some of the fine people at FROGGY'S PHOTOS :

They did a fantastic job! First, making sure that everybody's photo shoot went smoothly, then they took the photos, did the color corrections, took out the red eye, etc. The crew had a good sense of humor, too. They asked me to describe what I had been wearing for the picture, and if there was anything that stood out. I said I was the guy with the stupid expression on his face. The woman in the middle said " oh you're THAT guy!"

I got my print and away I went.

There was a meet and greet at the Hyatt for those of us with films in the Independent Film Festival, so I walked over to the Hyatt to get in on this. ON my way there, I spotted this.

At first I thought it was a hopscotch board, but it turned out to be a warning for giant robots. Always a good tip.

There was also a blood drive going on at DRAGON*CON. It was in conjunction with Robert Heinlein's foundation. I was really pumped, not only because I don't mind giving blood, but that there was all sorts of cool swag they were giving to the donors.

There was a problem with my records, so I wasn't able to donate, but the some of the nurses had a great sense of humor, as you can see here:

I went back to the Marriott to do some more looking around.

View on the walk back :

I like this picture because it made me think of those comics where " HEROS WALK AMONGST US ", like regular schmoes and people don't even look twice.

Back at the Mariott, taking some pictures, and wait...who's that?

Captain America? But I just saw him one block ago. How did he get in front of me, and already in the hotel????

Don't blame me because the photo is blurry. Wizards don't photograph well.

Don't know what this character is, but I think she missed a spot in her ear.

As I walked around on Saturday, it seemed to me that the costumes were getting alot better looking.

After a while, I called my friend, Jim, who was giving a talk at the Hyatt. I said that I would go over to meet him, and so once again, I made the trek.

( Trek...get it? Okay, I just wanted to post this picture again!)

So...back to the Hyatt. This character was waiting outside:

Jim and I manage to get decent cell reception, and he tells me that he is waiting for the elevator to come down. I take a few more pictures while I am waiting.

I had to take the above picture of the Warden from Super Jail. I love that cartoon!

I went up the stairs, thinking I would find Jim, and I did. Just as I was about to yell..."Jim!", suddenly ...

PARTY VADER is there! I had to take this shot! And when I turned for Jim....he was gone. Just wasn't in the cards for us to meet up.

While I was looking for Jim, two of my other friends, Steve and Liz, are on the escalator.

Steve taking an action photo of me taking an action photo of him.

Steve is an animator, and Liz makes puppets. Check out the puppet on Liz's arm.

Remind you of anyone on say..."MYTH BUSTERS"?

Just a few more pics. I had to take a picture of Star Fox.

This last picture took me by surprise. These characters have the contacts in, and they really looked freaky!

09.04.09 Thought I would post some pictures from the first day of DRAGON*CON.

They had us, the great unwashed, zipping through the line to get our pictures taken. No time to talk or interact at all. But I still got to touch these two Icons. My right hand is now known as Nimoy, and my left is Shatner!

This character was pretty good at popping into her poses, like the movie. I think it was a Resident Evil film.

A cavalcade of Star Wars related pics. The cool thing about the R2's is that one of them, I don't know which, was cruising around, beeping and squealing at people on the convention floor.

How can you not love this guy? " Why didn't someone tell me my ass was this big?"

And it's a mystery why people are afraid of clowns? How'd you like this guy at your kid's party, blowing up balloon animals?

Great looking couple!

This Bud's for you, Mr. "Plastic Encased Bulgey Kinda Looking Like Superman" Guy!

The Wii Girl.

07.08.09 I received some exciting news yesterday. The animated short I created for ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own " show, has been accepted for the 2009 Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival.

The story is based on the time-honored Field of Battle, otherwise known as the Video Arcade. I used to spend a lot of time in the mall, playing every new machine that came in.

Put your tokens on the machine, and if it was a fighting came, pretty soon someone would sidle on over, put his token up, and the battle for the machine would be on.

Without giving too much away, there is a great 3-D background in the short that was created by Dave Dries. I was looking for reference on the web, and stumbled on his background. I used it in the movie as a place holder, until I had a chance to create my own background, but the more I thought about it, the more I really wanted to use Dave's. So, I did some snooping around, and managed to get in touch with Dave, and asked him if I could use the background in the movie. The rest is as they say is history.

Wish me luck !

12.30.08 The year is winding down, and I look forward to the upcoming "YEAR OF THE OX".

I found some artwork of mine for sale on eBay. This is the black and white finished illustration for the first cover of "Figments ", a comic I created in the 80's. It was a great time, until the book got cancelled. Until the book got the axe, I was living my dream of working in comics. I still have the character bible, sketches and story outline. Maybe I'll edit it down to a graphic novel and publish it. My inking style back then was a cross between having a seizure and Vaughn Bode', the World's Greatest Cartoonist, IMHO. Here is what the finished cover looked like:

Figments # 1

12.10.08 Today I am going to be interviewed by GPTV. The interview will be part of a documentary about the Phoenix High School in Lawrenceville, GA. Last night was the Portfolio Night, with three Seniors presenting their work before their teachers, peers, parents, and the advisory board, of which I am a member. I have been involved with the Portfolio night since they started the program. In fact, in all the years I have done it I think I only missed one.

The interview will be fun, but I am a little nervous. I hope I don't start to babble. But if I do, I am sure that tape will somehow appear on YouTube.

12.07.08 Last night's show was really fun and the turn out was great! I took some pictures of the event and here they are.

This is outside the Eyedrum in Atlanta.

View from the parking lot entering the venue. I was early, so the parking lot was empty, but for a few cars. When I left, the place was jammed with cars, in a sort of "jungle rules" haphazard order. I managed to leave without scratching anyone's fender.

Inside the venue. Like I said, turn out was really good for the show, which will run til January.

Eats at the show. A girl named Jen, ( I think...please forgive me if I got it wrong), made some terrific pies! I had a piece of her home made pecan and it was great!

This is the area that my submission, " Back in the Day", was hung.

I don't know why the wall came out looking brown in that one picture. People liked my deck, so maybe I'll sell it. If not, it'll look good in my studio.

I did see a couple of people looking behind the deck to see how it was hanging. The way I did it makes it look like the deck is just hanging in mid-air.

There was also live music. Here is one of the groups, the Floating Coats.

Before the music started there was a performance piece. A one act/man play with "headache" in the title. While it wasn't my cup of tea, I didn't walk off, (like some people did), because I thought that since the actor was in his long-johns scratching his balls in public, the least I could do was stand there and look like I was "getting something" from the afore mentioned scratching.

He was heckled by two Asian drunks, but you really can't rattle a guy who's standing in front of a crowd, in his underwear, while he' know...scratching his balls.

A big shout out to Brett W. Thompson and Alena Spragg for putting on a great show.

12.06.08 Tonight is the ASIFA art show at the Eyedrum in Atlanta. I dropped off my piece yesterday, and I think that it stands out well from the other works. I really like designing skate decks, so I did another one for this show. The board style is called " Old School ",it's what skateboards used to be shaped like. The theme for the ASIFA show was " The Golden Age of Comics and Cartoons". I took my inspiration from the old Disney/Fleischer cartoons. Here is my design, " Back in the Day".

Now, the instructions for submitting the artwork were very clear about how the gallery wanted the pieces to be hung on the wall. Meaning, they wanted the work to be able to be hung on the wall. So, I created the board first, then I thought that I would figure out how to hang it later.

Let me tell you something, the wood that skate decks are made of is tough...I mean TOUGH! I broke four picture hanging screws off at the heads, as I tried to screw them in.

After I said a few choice words, I thought about it and then it hit me. The board already has pre-drilled holes, so I put a screw in each side, attached some anchors and wire, and now that baby is ready to roll...or at least be able to be hung on the wall.

09.17.08 Today the Skatedeck was delivered. I emailed my design to a company named Zazzleto have it created. I had ordered the deck at the beginning of the month,but there was a mix-up. In fact, there was a chance that I wouldn't get the new board by the 20th of September. The people at Zazzle were so great. They made sure that a new board was printed and shipped to me in time for the Make A Wish auction at the Woodward Skatepark in Duluth, GA; on September 27th.

09.06.08 Very busy at Fooksie! At the end of this month, we are moving to a new house. Hopefully I will be able to coordinate the internet service cut-off/connection so I will still be up and running.

I finished the latest batch of illustrations for USA Testprep. The project was a new take on their online quiz game, but they wanted this one to be a satire of the " Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games ", (you know which one I'm talking about....) It was a fun project to work on, and I have posted a sample on the blog.

My work with Ultimate Arcade Empire couldn't be going any better. They like my work, and the artistic freedom I'm given is fantastic! I have finished animating four characters for a new fighting game, along with a few backgrounds. The game should be up on the site on the 12th of September.

I also created a skateboard deck for an auction that will be held at the Woodward Skatepark at the Discovery Mills Mall, in Duluth,GA. The park is having a big shin-dig at the park on Sept. 27th,with free food, music, free give aways, all sorts of cool things. The auction is for the Make A Wish Foundation. So come on out, bid on my board, or the other artists' boards, and help raise some money for a worthwhile cause! I'll post my design on the blog.

07.29.08 Time for an update! In June, I was hired by Ultimate Arcade, Inc., to animate their Flash games. Really cool people to work for. They have given me a lot of artistic freedom when it comes to character designs. Right now we are finishing up some games for Miley Cyrus. I'll have to ask if I can post some of the characters I have created on my blog.

I have also finished some new illustrations for USA TestPrep. I created 9 new images for their "Head of the Class" game. They have asked me to create another series of illustrations, for a really funny concept that I won't go into yet. I will post some of those images when the project is finished.

Plus, I was contacted by a pet sitting service to create a new logo for them.

On top of this, I'm closing on a new house, so in a few months the Fuchs family will be moving to a new locale, just a few doors down from where we are currently.

05.16.08 Many things have been happening. The Carrier Commercial for is finished! I animated the entire commercial in Flash. My friend and fellow Flash animator, Chris Fox, assisted me so we were able to get the job done in 4 1/2 days. Very stressful, but well worth the effort.I have it posted in my blog.

I animated a short for the ASIFA-Atlanta " Roll Yer Own " show. I will post it after the show. I have posted it on a few other sites, but didn't want my friends to see it until the special show in Little Five Points, ( a cool little area in Atlanta).

The short is entitled " Global Warming is Your Fault! " The interesting thing is that some people who ordinarily wouldn't see my work, have noticed it and some new opportunities have popped up. I'll be partnering with a British company, Cartoonstock, in licensing my Flash animations for various uses. I'm very excited about this new venture.

My on-going work with Compass Learning will be winding down in a few weeks.They have been great to work with.

04.22.08 I just updated my news, with all sorts of Fooksie goodness, but because I am a spaz, and am HTML-impaired, I just lost an hour's work. Nice. mom didn't raise a quitter, so here I go again. Fingers crossed.

I haven't updated the news/blog in a few weeks because of two things:

I have been very busy creating Flash animations for Compass Learning.

Mother Nature is trying to drown me in my own viscous fluids this allergy season.

The over the counter ZYRTEC has been working pretty well, though.

I am currently wrapping up the latest Flash animation for Compass Learning. The project should be finished in about 5 more weeks.

I have also finished a project for Sprint, in conjunction with Deardorff Communication. I have worked with them on another Sprint project earlier in the year. That was a series of comic strips featuring animals.

This latest project was a series of illustrations depicting a Super-Hero I created for them to be used in internal memos and store displays, stickers, etc.

Deardorff is a fantastic agency to work with!

Speaking of Super-Heroes, I pitched a Super_hero character to the Gayborhood. TV site. They are looking for content, and being a versatile guy, I designed a Super Hero that makes things nicer..." gay it up!" I have to steal some time to do a short animation of him that I can present at the ASIFA-Atlanta show in May. That way I'll be able to see what sort of response he'll get from an audience.

I'm also working on an animated TV spot for Carrier in New England. I will be creating it in Flash, and we'll see how it goes from there. I'll post a picture of the main dog character on the blog.

King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs Exhibition is coming to Atlanta. Still aren't any dates that I can find on their website,but the family and I will certainly go. I did a large amount of illustrations for the exhibit company, and I think they said that they would be used in the informational posters around the show.

I will post some examples on the blog, also.

I would like to thank my friends at OZ magazine for the nice write up, talking about the hockey mascot/logo I desined for the Sask-Itoba Rangers in Canada.

I think I have successfully recreated the large posting that I had written an hour and a half ago.

Tomorrow, I'll post examles of the things I was talking about.

Ooops..almost forgot. Bamboo Learning has their website up, and have an artists' page, to give the artists who worked on the Mandarin Language project exposure. It's very flattering to be listed, but they accidentally spelled my sister's name instaed of MY first name. The funny thing is it still links to my site, so you can see pictures of me in my manly glory. Oh well. ( By the way, if you're curious, my sister's first name is Jenny,our older brother is John, and of course you found this site so you know my first name. Our parents named us three kids using the same 3 initials. I guess people did that a lot back in the sixties.)

Look to the blog tomorrow for images from this update!

Take care!

02.15.08 I've been very busy. I have finished the wallpapers for the first batch of characters for the Super Graduation Kombat Smackdown game. Jay asked me to do the other four characters. He would also like me to create a victory dance in Flash for each character.

I am happy to announce that Bamboo Learning has finished the game that I created artwork for. They sent me the swf file, and once I get permission, I will post the game in my blog. It's a game that uses my cartoons to link to Mandarin words. You hear the word, then you choose the correct picture.

I have started working with Compass Learning in Texas. I am animating their lesson activities in Flash. All of those years animating for Laser shows has really come in handy.

Yesterday I received some interest in some comic book work. I sent some pages I did years ago with some characters I absolutely love, to a company. They really thought the stuff was funny, but I have to clean up the language.( I can be quite salty). so if I can start to get that published, it'll be cool. But I am waiting to hear what the compensation would be.

Speaking of comic book companies, I saw on DRAWN that Fantagraphics was putting out a compilation book featuring creatures from myth and legend. I submitted an illustration of an AGROPELTER. I'll have to find out if they accepted it. If not, I'll just post it in the blog.

01.24.08 I was contacted today by the Sask-itoba Rangers to design their new logo/mascot for their team.Very cool project. I have to turn this project over very quickly, but it's such a fun thing to work on, it hardly seems like work. Hardly.

This is the design I created.

I talked with Jay, the co-founder of USA Testprep and received permission to post a sample character I created for them in my blog. He also asked me to create some more artwork for the game. This time I will be creating backgrounds for downloadable wallpapers featuring the characters from Super Graduation Kombat Smackdown.

01.21.08 Just finished a Flash test for Nickelodeon. Hope they like it because it would be great to get a steady gig with them.

Also finished the project for USA Testprep. That was a lot of fun. I have to get permission from them to post one of the images of a character design. Hopefully they'll give the ok for me to use one of the Shark images.

01.05.08 I am also working with a frequent client of mine, USA Testprep, creating more characters for an online game. What I really like about working with them is how they allow me to be as creative as possible when I develop the characters for them.

01.05.08 I just finished an illustration job with an online company in England that teaches children Mandarin Chinese. It was a fun project and I look forward to doing more work with Bamboo Learnng.

12.12.07 I am an advisor at Phoenix High in Lawrenceville, GA. Every 6 months, the school has a fresh group of students who present their portfolios in photography, traditional art, computer animation and web design. I review the portfolios as the students present their work to their familes and friends. I really enjoy helping out at the school.Here is a link to an article in the Atlanta paper detailing the latest Portfolio Night. Phoenix High Grads Shine

11.26.07 New website is up! Hope you like it!